Coleslaw Salad

Coleslaw is a salad which consists of fine-shreddedcabbage and It is also known as Cole slaw. Coleslaw is mostly served as a side with  traditional foods all over the world and it can be seen as a fast food such as chinese.

Coleslaw Salad Recipe in English

Ingredients :

  1. Cabbage : 1/4 No.
  2. Carrot : 1 No.
  3. Raisin : 2 Tb Sp.
  4. Wallnut : 2 Tb Sp.
  5. Mayonnaise : 2 Tb Sp.
  6. Salt : To taste.
  7. Black Pepper : 1/4 Tea Sp.
  8. Sugar : 1 Tb Sp.

Method :

Cut the fine-shredded cabbage and carrots in a large bowl. Mix together with mayonnaise, Wallnut, Sugar, Raisin, Salt, and pepper in a medium bowl, and then add to the cabbage an carrot mixture. Mix well to combine ; add more salt, pepper, or sugar if desired.


Coleslaw Salad Recipe in Urdu

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