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Make Perfect Daal Chawal Recipe at Home | FoodRecipes.Pk

Hello Everone: I hope you are well. Today, In this review I am going to show you how to make “Daal Chawal Recipe at Home?”, Everyone is worried about what to cook for kids today?. That’s not what everyone thinks, We don’t know what to cook. There are some things that are simple but keep in mind that what to cook? So today we are making rice (Daal Chawal). Making Lentils Rice is very easy. It can’t carry loads in the body. Eating Lentils food human feels easy. So today we are about to make a great variety of rice Daal Chawal.


  • Lentils (Daal) 300Gram
  • Rice (Chawal) 700Gram
  • Red Peppers
  • Tumeric
  • Oil (130-Gram)
  • Garlic (Breaks the Garlic into small pieces)
  • Onions (Breaks into small pieces)
  • Methew (Wash up)
  • Dhanya
  • Homemade Pickles

So Lets Start & Let’s see “How to make Letis Recipe at Home?”. Keep all these ingredients near you.


Take a cooking pot & puts on fourth. Put a jug of water in it. Add salt, pepper, and turmeric to it. Put a little oil in it. Let it warm up now. When it starts to boil well. Then,

Step -2

Put the Rice in it.  Boils the Lentils (Daal) on another cooking pot. When water starts to boil well then adds the Rice. After 5-8 minutes, When the rice starts to rise adds the Lentils (Daal).

Step – 3

So Now Left him with slow fire. Cover it well. Much better if you put a newspaper.


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